Good job, Mr. Kaus

May 3, 2010

This snippet comes from an editorial in the L.A. Times by Mickey Kaus (of Kausfiles fame). The most interesting thing is that he’s running in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate.

This bit is part of his summary but you should read the whole thing. He takes the Democrats to task for their knee-jerk support of government unions. I hope the people in California will vote for him – or at least with someone who shares his common sense attitudes.

As the private economy has faltered, we increasingly have a two-tier economy: If you’re an insider, a unionized government employee, you’re in good shape. Even if you don’t do a very good job, you won’t be fired. Even in hard times, Washington will spend billions in stimulus funds so that you don’t get laid off. You won’t even have to take much of a pay cut. And you can retire like an aristocrat at taxpayer expense. But if you’re an outsider, trying to survive in a world of $10-an-hour jobs, competing with immigrant labor, paying for your own healthcare, forced to send your children to lousy public schools run by unfireable teachers and $100,000-a-year bureaucrats — well, good luck to you. But be sure to vote Democratic.

How in the world did we end up with unionized government workers anyway? Who thought that was good idea – aside from the union members themselves)?

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