You lose some; you win some

July 23, 2011

There was some good news recently about a local free speech case. This quote is from the Post-Dispatch’s article about the decision.

Appeals court backs man in fight over St. Louis eminent domain sign

ST. LOUIS • A federal appeals court on Wednesday struck down at least part of St. Louis’ sign ordinance and ruled that a St. Louis man had the right to protest eminent domain with a two-story mural on the side of an apartment building near Soulard.

Jim Roos commissioned the two-story painted mural, roughly 360 square feet in size, that proclaims “End Eminent Domain Abuse” inside a red circle with a slash to protest the government’s taking of private land, but the city ordered him to remove it in 2007, saying it violated city sign regulations prohibiting signs in that area larger than 30 square feet.

I’ve see the sign in this picture many times, while headed north on I-55 into Illinois. It’s hard to miss. And it’s good to hear it will be around for a while.

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