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April 27, 2013

Last fall I bought a new phone to check out Republic Wireless which was doing its beta roll out at the time. Since then, Republic has gone into full production mode and we’ve moved all the phones in our family to Republic.

Why? Well, because…


The deal Republic offers is commitment-free service which includes all the voice, text and data you want to use. Pretty awesome — it was just the deal I’d been looking for the last couple of years. We reduced our household cellular bill by 50% when we switched to Republic plus we ended up with more services on all the phones.

The only downside to Republic’s deal is that you can only get the service on phones you buy from them. Those phones are Motorola Defy XTs, which are fully-featured Android smartphones. They’ve got good specs and they work great. I haven’t found an Android app that I can’t run on the Defy. But the Defy XT only comes in one size and it doesn’t have all the bells & whistles of a Samsung Galaxy S4 or an iPhone 5.

If you like the idea of full phone service at a great price with no contractual commitment (and you can live without the latest bells & whistles) then Republic’s deal can’t be beat.

Republic is offering incentives for new customer referrals. People I refer get a $19 credit – and so do I.

Check it out.


(For more info about how Republic’s service works, here’s their What’s the catch? page.)

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  1. […] I’ve mentioned previously that my family & I are subscribers to Republic Wireless‘ low-cost, no-commitment cellular service. Overall, it’s worked out well for us. Everyone got more service features and we cut our monthly bill in half. It’s been a great deal and I still recommend it. […]

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