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The 50 to 1 project

May 5, 2013

Here’s an interesting project at indiegogo to document "the true cost of ‘action’ on climate change" using the IPCC’s own figures.

Topher has raised about 20% of his $130,000 goal with 23 days left.

This project is being administered by the Lord Monckton Foundation (that web site appears to have been launched very recently). Lord Monckton, of course, is the self-described “high priest” of climate skepticism (PDF).

I think this is a good idea and is way over due. It’s easy to wish for everything when you never count the cost of anything.

Tip o’ the hat to sailor Jeff


Unpopular people

May 5, 2013

This is another video by the Australian who goes by Topher. It’s from his ‘Forbidden History’ series and talks about the costs and benefits of freedom of speech – particulary in Australia.

Anyone remember Semmelweis?

In February, I posted another clip from that series which was about taxes.

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