Bambi gets SWATted

August 13, 2013

Just in case we needed a reminder that the police have become too militarized, what follows is the first half of a post at Popehat.

Mutants. Secret Society members. Communists. Baby deer.

In other news, someone brought an baby deer that had been abandoned by its mother to a no-kill animal shelter in Wisconsin.

The no-kill shelter placed a few calls, found a licensed wildlife refuge that would take the baby, and kept the animal in their fenced wooded facility for two weeks until the slot opened up at the refuge.

But, thankfully, this evil criminal conspiracy was stopped in its tracks. Thanks to brave government employees, aerial photos were taken, surveillance was performed, a SWAT team was assembled, and then nine agents of the Department of Natural Resources and four deputies “all armed to the teeth”, raided the no-kill animal shelter.

And shot the baby deer and stuffed its corpse into a body bag.

Because, you see, the law forbids private possession of wildlife. And those villains at the no-kill animal shelter weren’t going to send the deer to the licensed wild life refuge until tomorrow


The Popehat post is about a news article reported by WISN in Wisconsin. The WISN page includes a 3-minute video of its TV report.

Thirteen armed officers to serve a warrant for a wildlife regulatory violation? It must have been a very slow day at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

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