Nicely put

December 7, 2013

Yesterday I watched a Reason interview of Arin Greenwood that was about her new book Save The Enemy. I haven’t read the book (nor her other book).

But I did follow Reason’s link to Ms. Greenwood’s tumblr site and I read some of the essays she’s written.

I especially liked her essay titled Wanted: Gullible Lawyers for several reasons. First, I thought she has a very pleasant written voice; I liked her style in other words.

Second, what she recounts in that essay was both pretty interesting and pretty amusing (in a dark sort of way). One of the interesting parts to me was the group-think that she and her team members got caught up in. Another was the Man-Behind-The-Curtain, Gerald Edward. He sounded like quite an operator (in the fourth sense given here).

Finally, I was struck by these sentences in her essay.

That is what you do when you’re a lawyer. You figure out how to learn what you don’t know, and you quickly become an expert in new, tricky fields. Haven’t you ever noticed that lawyers know everything?

That’s just how I think about engineering and I believe you could substitute ‘engineer’ for ‘lawyer’ in these sentences and they’d make just as much sense. (Though I’ll guess that our definitions of a ‘tricky field’ might be different.)

And I’ll add that those sentences can apply to almost any profession or trade, depending on the person practicing it. Put another way, the abilities to figure out what you don’t know and teach yourself what you need to know are really character traits. They’re due to attitude and adaptability more than they are to what you do for a living, what degrees you’ve been granted, or how you’ve been trained.

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