Air hockey robot

February 9, 2014

This is an interesting project I ran across at ViralViralVideos. It’s built on an Arduino; basically built from parts for a 3-D printer.

The motion control part doesn’t strike me as too big a deal but I’d like to check out the machine vision part. It’s pretty fast – despite running on a PC and communicating position to the Arduino over a serial port. (The robot uses an overhead camera that’s not visible in the video.)

New Project: Air Hockey Robot (a 3D printer hack)
[Version en español aqui]

After the last B-ROBOT project, this is what I’ve been doing the last months…really fun…

Everything started when I built my 3D printer. First, the posibility to design and build my own parts and second, how could I hack the components of a 3D printer to make something different?

I have seen several interesting projects of robots that paint or manufacture PCBs, etc … but I was looking for something different…

My daughter loves the Air Hockey game and I love robotics so one day an idea born in my mind… can I construct…??… Mmmmm …. it seemed very complicated and with many unresolved questions (puck detection??, robot speed??), but that is also part of the fun…

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