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Your papers, please! (2)

March 2, 2014

Paul sends a link to this article that appeared in an opinion blog at The Dallas Morning News site. The events happened about a year ago but this article was posted last Friday (2/28/14).

Electra’s a small town of about 2700 people that’s west of Wichita Falls and just south of the Oklahoma border.

Roadside adventures with small-town cops in Electra, Texas
By Rodger Jones/Editorial Writer

Here’s a YouTube that the Electra, Texas, convention and visitors bureau probably would like to see disappear from the firmament.

It shows what can happen when cops with a bad attitude come up behind you at night and end up accusing you of the bad attitude.

You can end up driving off with a couple of bogus tickets. Or, if you’re like the guy who produced the video, you can stand your ground and beat them at their own game.

Ask yourself how you would handle something like this. You can imagine these two cops were the overgrown bully-boys who had their way with the underclassmen in the high school locker room. Then someone gave them badges and guns.

The most chilling words you’ll hear in this episode came from the now-former city attorney, Todd Greenwood, who conceded there are hazards of getting caught up in a small town. Especially for outsiders. “Ever hear of the movie Deliverance?” he asked the out-of-towner. Creepy.

Later, Greenwood said: “What’s written in the Constitution is one thing, and the real practice is another, and you’re not in the same kind of protection as you have in Allen and Plano and Richardson and places like that.”

I can’t believe the guy actually said this knowing he was being recorded.

There was a development in this sad affair just this week. The city council declined to renew Greenwood’s contract. I can’t imagine why.

The man who made this video isn’t identified in this Morning News post nor in the post at The Defense Rests which was the Morning News‘ source.

All things considered, I think this man was pretty lucky. I kept waiting for the officers to haul him off to jail for not respecting their authoritah.


A nice piece of work

March 2, 2014

Jason Murray describes & demonstrates a Gauss rifle he designed & built. He posts many of the design and construction details at his Delta V Engineering site. It’s a good write-up of a nicely done piece of engineering.

My younger son and I built a very simple, capacitor-driven Gauss gun for his science fair project some years back. It was on a much more limited scale than this one. We could fire small aluminum foil "bullets" a few yards; they might have knocked a fly out of the air (if we’d been able to hit one).

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