And let’s all have a good day

April 3, 2014

Here’s an interesting report from the Fort Worth Start-Telegram about an example of ‘To Serve and Protect’ in action.

Traffic tweets: Keller police post radar locations online

KELLER — Say “speed trap,” and people instantly know you’re talking about a spot where police officers sit with radar guns, hoping to catch speeders, write tickets and generate revenue for their city.

Keller police say they write a lot of tickets, but it’s not intended to stuff city coffers.

“People call it a speed trap, which is goofy, because the speed limit is posted,” said officer Stephen Grossman, assigned to traffic patrol in Keller.

“Our main objective is to slow people down.”

In Keller, police officials don’t mind motorists flashing their headlights to warn others that a cop armed with radar is up ahead; it tends to make people slow down.

And March 10, they started using social media sites to post the locations of police with radar guns. They tell people where Keller traffic officers will be on patrol Monday through Friday. They also post locations in Westlake, which contracts with Keller for police protection.

Reading a post on Facebook or Twitter is like spotting a patrol car up ahead: Drivers immediately check their speedometers, officials said.

“Some folks wonder if we have ulterior motives,” said Capt. Tommy Simmons, Keller’s patrol commander. “But there’s no catch. We’re not trying to trap people into anything.

“Just slow down, drive safe, and let’s all have a good day.”

Via Radley Balko

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