Just exercising their license to steal

July 2, 2015

At least Mr. Gorman recovered his money and his attorney fees. But I doubt they paid him interest for the 2½ years they’ve held his money.

Judge Orders Lying, Cheating Government To Return $167,000 To The Man They Stole It From

A federal judge has just ordered the government to return $167,000 it took from a man passing through Nevada on his way to visit his girlfriend in California. The officers really wanted that money, too. They used two consecutive stops to jerry-rig some probable cause… even though at that point they thought they were only dealing with $2000. From the original stop forward, the entire situation was deplorable, indisputably showing that everyone involved was more interested in taking (and keeping) a bunch of cash than enforcing laws or pursuing justice.

The order is a jaw-dropping read. It begins with the flimsiest of “reasonable suspicion” and heads downhill after that. […]

This order shows law enforcement at its ugliest: willing to lie and cheat to maintain control of what it stole.

Make it a rule: never carry more than petty cash when you travel in the US. There are just too many legally-sanctioned robberies.

Taking someone’s assets is robbery even if those assets were gained illicitly. You’ve got laws: try the people and punish those convicted. If there’s a fine involved then you can seize their assets.

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