How would you kill the tax code?

July 25, 2015

Another dramatic campaign ad from Rand Paul.

Reviews of his tax plan tend to be mixed.

Personally, I think 14.5% is too low. And there are still exemptions and other problems. I wish Rand had gone to back to First Principles (excises & tarriffs) or that he’d backed the Fair Tax plan.


  1. I think we should let US Tax payers vote on what type of tax system they want and what the rates should be. It is time we get our citizens involved in developing a tax code that they want.

  2. Sorry for the slow response – but are you saying that there should be a popular referendum on tax code? A direct vote on particular plans?

    If not a referendum, then it sounds like what you meant was the original idea behind having a House of Representatives: congressmen who represented a small area/group, for a short term (2 years), and who controlled the federal purse.

    These days, though, I agree that the concept seems lost on most of Congress since budget matters always devolve into negotiations between the Executive, the Senate, and the House. And what’s worse is the Congress is always “forced” to raise the debt ceiling.

    It’s a funny control knob that only turns one way.

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