Props to the cop

August 1, 2015

Here’s an interesting post at reddit: “Free Inhabitant” claims she can not be arrested. Cites Articles of Confederation. Gets arrested. Literally cries rape.

The discussion at reddit speculates that she was quoting Article 4 of the Articles of Confederation (predecessor to the U.S. Constitution) as the basis for her claim to be a Free Inhabitant who is immune to civil authority.

So this lady tried citing the Articles of Confederation, which made her a “free inhabitant”, which she claims gives her all the rights of a US citizen without having to follow any US laws.

Yes, she does really say that.

Clearly, she is unaware that the Articles of Confederation were superseded by the US constitution. She is also unaware that “free inhabitant” is literally referencing people who are not slaves, not some sort of protected super-class of people. She is also unaware that the Articles of Confederation are not part of US code. She is, finally, also unaware of the definition of rape.

Taking this video at face value, it seems evident that someone doesn’t know the laws. But I don’t think it was the officer who had to deal with this woman.

Instead, I’d say that officer deserves a lot of credit for handling this as calmly as he did. And it makes me wonder how many "roadside lawyers" like this the police have to deal with. (Too many in their opinions, I’m sure.)

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