What I want to know

October 25, 2015

Here’s a pretty grim report about what the Khmer Rouge did to Cambodians.

Wikipedia has this to say about the Khmer Rouge:

The organization is remembered especially for orchestrating the Cambodian genocide, which resulted from the enforcement of its social engineering policies.[1] Its attempts at agricultural reform led to widespread famine, while its insistence on absolute self-sufficiency, even in the supply of medicine, led to the death of thousands from treatable diseases such as malaria. Arbitrary executions and torture carried out by its cadres against perceived subversive elements, or during purges of its own ranks between 1975 and 1978, are considered to have constituted genocide.[2]

It was all the usual communist agrarian nonsense again, as though the world hasn’t seen that tragedy played out enough yet.

The narrator wonders whether Hitler or Pol Pot would have pursued their policies had they witnessed the results first-hand.

But the question that interests me is this: Where do all the eager gunmen and thugs come from? Murderous dictators don’t kill people personally – instead they always have lots of other people who’re ready to kill and torture at their command.

I want to know why there are always so many people willing to do that. Why is there never a lack of people who enable murderous sociopaths by doing their dirty work? Are many of our fellow citizens ready to do the same, given the chance?

Could Hitler have pursued his racial purity nonsense without the assistance of many Germans? Could Stalin have waged his war against the Ukranian kulaks without the active help of a lot of Russians? Could the Kim family have impoverished North Korea in its pursuit of Juche without all the North Koreans who enforce its policies? Could Pol Pot have committed the Cambodian genocide without a group of Cambodians ready to smash babies against trees?

And why do the people never collectively say, "F**k a bunch of this nonsense!"? Are we collectively suicidal?

Sometimes I think humanity deserves to suffer – for its sins against itself.

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