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What she said

January 5, 2016

Mollie Hemingway vents about the Trump phenomenon. She makes some good points and is fairly amusing, so RTWT.

When It Comes To Donald Trump, I Hate Everyone
I hate Donald Trump, people who love Donald Trump, people who hate Donald Trump, and media who cover Donald Trump.

We’re now in month eight or so of Trumpmania. He has a core of support, and the media can’t get enough of him. The effect he has on people is fascinating. But it’s also remarkably annoying. Every casual utterance by Trump leads the news cycle until the subsequent outrage. And everyone flips out. Trump flips out. His fans flip out. His enemies flip out. The media flip out.

It’s enough to make you hate everyone. In fact, it does make me hate everyone. That probably includes you. Here’s a list of everyone in the Trump saga who is awful. […]

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