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April 20, 2016

Jeff G sent a link to a post at Reason that led me to Liberty Maniacs site, where you’ll find this:


Now Bernie Sanders is trying to abuse trademark law in an attempt to suppress my free speech, in almost the exact way the NSA, DHS, and Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC did.

Yesterday, April 14th, the Bernie Sanders campaign sent a cease and desist letter claiming that I am unlawfully selling my parodies because they used the likeness of the official Bernie Sanders for President logo in this shirt. […]


I’m hoping the Streisand Effect will kick in and teach at least one lawyer a lesson.

This episode only confirms that your first reaction to any lawyer who sends you a demand letter should be to tell him or her to go piss up a rope. Seriously.

I wish I’d known that 20 years ago when an overzealous legal nitwit at CBS tried to shake me down for a domain name (of all things). I let him off for expenses, which in retrospect was being way too easy on him.

By the way, Liberty Maniacs sells the T-shirt the NSA tried to squash with copyright law.

And is there anything more ridiculous than a publicly funded agency trying to protect a copyright from the very public it’s supposed so serve? Who owns that copyright, anyway? Shouldn’t it be public property since it was funded with public money?

Why does the NSA even have lawyers to write those obnoxious demand letters?

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