Vote for the least of the evils

May 6, 2016

Here’s a post from Hit & Run that appeared Wednesday (two days ago).

Google Searches for “Libertarian Party” Surge After Ted Cruz Drops Out

Donald Trump crushed it in the Indiana GOP primary last night, winning more than 50 percent of the vote and causing Ted Cruz to drop out. Although John Kasich is still in the race, he has only won one state so far while Trump is less than 200 delegates from securing the nomination.

That led to a surge tonight in searches for “Libertarian Party,” as this chart from Google Trends showing searches for “Libertarian Party” over the last 24 hour period:
Libertarians will choose their candidate at their convention in Orlando over Memorial Day weekend. […]

How many “Never Trump” Republicans look at the Libertarian Party instead of supporting Hillary Clinton remains to be seen. Mark Selter, a senior aide to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the 2008 Republican presidential candidate, has already indicated he’ll be supporting Clinton. Other Republican establishment types may do the same, providing a poignant illustration of how the Trump phenomenon became a thing in the first place.

Almost one in five Americans say they’d consider a third party candidate if the nominees were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Forget about which major party is the "lesser evil." The choice between the Democratic candidate — whichever socialist-know-it-all that turns out to be — and the likely Republican candidate — a turd called itself a Republican, so the GOP is rallying ’round to polish it — is no choice at all.

It’s Hobson’s Choice is what it is. We’re like people with both an abusive spouse and an abusive boy/girlfriend. The only reasonable option is to avoid both of them.

If any election ever illustrated that U.S. politics tend to be the Coke Party vs. the Pepsi Party, this is the one.

So vote for the least of the evils: Vote Libertarian.

A Libertarian vote helps establish an alternative to Coke or Pepsi. Do it For The Children: does anyone want another 50 years of Donkeys vs. Elephants?

Not being a wide-eyed naïf, I expect that a third-party vote for President will mean that Ms. Clinton will win this election. But I expect she’ll win it anyway. Just check Iowa Electronic Markets or Election Betting Odds.

And here’s how to counter that Clinton presidency (or that Trump presidency): put your time and financial support into seeing that limited government representatives and senators win elections. The downstream elections are just as important as the Presidential election. Check out the Club for Growth. They’re not Libertarians but they’re very practical in their endorsements of low-regulation, low-tax candidates.

Political gridlock can be our friend. So think carefully about your votes for congress members.


Why Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils Is a Waste of Your Vote by Jeff Singer, a surgeon in Phoenix.


  1. […] But there’s a better choice: vote for the least of the evils. […]

  2. […] As I’ve said several times in the last few months: pay attention to the down ticket and forget about the presidency this year. […]

  3. […] I’ll be voting for Johnson/Weld to help the Libertarians hit the 5% goal because what the U.S. needs is an alternative to Democrats and Republicans. So I urge people to vote for the least of the evils. […]

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