Nailed it in one, Trib

October 1, 2016

At Reason’s Hit & Run, Matt Welch writes about another endorsement of Gary Johnson. (My emphasis below.)

Chicago Tribune Becomes 6th and Largest Newspaper to Endorse Gary Johnson (UPDATED)
“Every American who casts a vote for him is standing for principles,” declares World’s Greatest Newspaper […]

The Chicago Tribune, which for more than a century was one of the Republican Party’s great kingmakers, has for the first time in its storied history endorsed a Libertarian for president, Gary Johnson.

In a 1,680-word editorial, the self-styled “World’s Greatest Newspaper,” whose only prior Democratic endorsements had been for Chicagoan Barack Obama, had harsh words for America’s two largest political tribes:

How could the Democratic and Republican parties stagger so far from this nation’s political mainstream? […]

This is the moment to look at the candidates on this year’s ballot. This is the moment to see this election as not so much about them as about the American people and where their country is heading. And this is the moment to rebuke the Republican and Democratic parties.

Though the paper clearly preferences Hillary Clinton in a two-candidate matchup (“Any American who lists their respective shortcomings should be more apoplectic about the litany under his name than the one under hers”), it nonetheless makes a compelling case against the Illinois native for her “up-to-the-present history of egregiously erasing the truth,” her corner-cutting ambition, and her policies. Excerpt: […]

I don’t generally put much stock in newspaper endorsements but, that said, when I see Republican stalwarts like the Tribune, and The Arizona Republic, and the New Hampshire Union Leader ignore the Republican candidate in favor of endorsing the Libertarian or the Democrat candidate, I have to wonder whether Mr. Trump’s supporters are getting the drift.

Yes, Trump’s not Clinton. But that’s only one of the many things he’s not.

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