Condescending attitudes

November 7, 2016

How many actions do you take that require an ID to complete? It’s a long list, right? Flying on a commercial carrier, cashing a check (even at your own bank), buying tobacco or alcohol, making practically any credit agreement (renting a car, a hotel room, or a house), entering an adult-only nightclub, picking up a prescription, and so on and so forth. I’m sure there are many others.

I’ve never understood the argument that requiring an ID for voting imposes a hardship on people. Voting is one of the few events when I think the state has a valid interest in verifying your identity.

I mean, I get that most people arguing against IDs for voting are making a partisan argument. But, seriously, who doesn’t have an ID already?

And if you do know someone without an ID, why not help them get one? Yes, I mean you – as in you, personally. Enough people being neighborly about this would solve the problem (to the extent there is one) pretty darned quickly.

Vote Yes on Missouri Amendment 6.

Update: (11/9/16): Amendment 6 was passed, 63% to 37%.

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