Not much, I hope

January 9, 2016

Here’s some news that might be good news on the asset forfeiture front. We’ll see how permanent this policy change is.

What’s next for feds’ seizure program after local payments stopped?

Local law enforcement agencies will no longer reap any rewards from a controversial federal program that allows police to take money and property from individuals – and keep up to 80 percent of it – even if those individuals are never charged with any crime.

That’s because the Justice Department earlier this month suspended payments from the “equitable sharing” program that normally paid out 80 percent of those funds collected to local agencies, citing budget cuts.

The move prompted cheers from those trying to eliminate or reform such seizures and forfeitures, with some saying the action could eventually reduce the number of officers who perform such seizures. But it has also raised major concern among those local agencies and the law enforcement community nationwide about the drop in potential funding. […]

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