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Seasonal humor

January 3, 2017

I read a post at Doc Bastard’s blog and found these paragraphs pretty amusing.

[…] I’ve never made a new year’s resolution for one simple reason: they’re all bullshit. Studies show that nearly 80% of people break their resolution before January 15th, and 90% by January 30th. Studies also show that a certain anonymous blogger made up 100% of the statistics in that last sentence. But seriously, how many people actually keep their resolution long term? Have you? Of course not. And why?

Because new year’s resolutions are bullshit.

The common resolutions are obvious: lose weight, exercise more, get in shape, drink less, quit smoking, save more money, eat better. I can’t do any of those resolutions, because I’m already in great shape, eat well and exercise regularly. Ok, none of that is true, but in all honesty exercising sucks. I hate it, and it sucks. Studies show that people who exercise regularly live 6 years longer than those who don’t, but they spend those 6 years exercising (see statistic on statistics above). So fuck exercise. […]

And the Doc’s continually waging war on medical nonsense in his Twitter feed.

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